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World Student Day In Zaporizhzhya

10.02.2015 / 792

It’s become a tradition for Islamic Cultural Centre of Zaporizhzhya to gather young people from around the world who study in Ukrainian Universities and everyone interested in culture of other nations and countries within its walls on World Student Day.

The same was on this Saturday, February 7, when people from Ukraine, Palestine, Turkmenia, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, India, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen and Iraq spoke about their homeland - the country, its customs, sights, flag, and also make a presentation of national dress and one national dish.

The food was judged by a strict jury, who took into account not only the taste but the serving as well. Turkmen team was recognized as the best in that; the second place was shared between Ukraine and Morocco, and the third - between India and Nigeria.

After the presents and Certificates were handed, everyone could test the jury’s objectiveness in person, as all the dishes were served for the joint meal.


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