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UN Arabic Language Day: President And The Students At The Same Desk

22.12.2014 / 827
Mr.Tariq Sarhan and Mr.Oleh Guzik, who came to the Kyiv National Linguistic university on behalf of AUASO “Alraid” to celebrate the UN Arabic Language Day, faced quite an unusual situation where the President of the University, Mr.Roman Vas’ko, came to get some advice on successful learning along with the students. The President himself is now striving for another higher-education degree, and this time it’s Arabic Philology. For that reason, he was also interested in getting some advice from the native speaker who spend many years teaching his Mother Tongue on voluntary basis.
The teacher who invited the guests first met Mr.Sarhan several years ago at a similar event — she was a student back then and attended one of the AUASO “Alraid” open lectures. They met again during the recent event at the Palestinian Embassy, and the young lady invited Tariq to give a lecture to her own students, too.
As for the students, there came quite a lot — about 50 people both from Arabic and Turkish departments. Tariq Sarhan spoke of the history of forming of the Arabic language and its influence on the culture of Arabic-speaking peoples; of Arabic Calligraphy; and gave some advice for more effective study of the language and correct pronunciation of the sounds.
Oleh Guzik, in his turn, arranged refreshments: Arabic sweets with tea or coffee.


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