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Schoolchildren And The Pottery Wheel

15.10.2014 / 844

“This crafts lesson is just… WOW! That was so great and interesting!” — one of the schoolgirls shared her emotions after taking part in a Master-Class on pottery by the famous Crimean Tatar potter Mr.Rustem Skibin in the Kyiv ICC yard. He was invited by the administration of Gymnasium “Our Future”.

The potter mashed the argil, swirled the pottery wheel and explained the techniques of making a small decorative plate. After that, each participant created their own plate with a unique author’s design. Although their movements weren’t so skilled and confident as the master’s, the argil lives in their little hands, eagerly changing its shape. While the plates stood to dry a little, the children used the master’s instruments to decorate their works a little more, each in their own fashion and as hard as they can.

God willing, this wasn’t the last master-class of that kind, as the Gymnasium administration is arranging the possible further cooperation with the ceramist. Children are excited and looking forward for the next lesson: someone dreams to make a vase, someone wants a handmade teapot, and someone wishes to make “a real big plate for my mother”.


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