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Best Reciters Of Qur’an Awarded At “Alraid” Islamic Cultural Centres (FOTO)

02.08.2014 / 1137

It became a good tradition over the years that Ramadan is spent as the “month of Qur’an” at “Alraid” Islamic Cultural Centres in deed and not in name, as the staff and the volunteers organise circles for reading the Holy Scripture, lessons of tajweed, and contests for the best recitation by heart. It’s the possibility to show themselves at a contest that makes the teenagers more earnest and diligent during their study.

Such competitions are usually held in the end of Ramadan so that everyone could sort of summarise their efforts during a month.


The contest took place on the last Friday of Ramadan (July 25), but the winners were announced on the day of Eid, after the festive prayer. The participants competed in the best knowledge of the Qur’anic text and the most perfect manner of recitation. There were three categories, such as one Juz, three Juz and five Juz. There was no separate category for native Arabic speakers, but still the jury gave some indulgence for non-Arabic-speaking contestants. Summarizing the results, Mr.Abdurrahman Salama won the “5 Juz”, Ms.Yara Najjar was the best in “3 Juz”, and Mr.Muhammad Akhmetov was the best at Juz Amma. All the prize-winners of the contest got money prizes.


Muslims of Odessa didn’t wait for Eid al-Fitr to announce the results of the July 26 contest, so they were available on the same day. The categories were different as well: 2 last Juz for native Arabic speakers, won by Ms.Misreen Al-Qassas, Juz Amma for non-Arabic-speaking people (won by Ms. Taha Shtar) and for kids (won by Mr.Islyam Kastiru). Every winner got a new iPhone %s, and runners-up were awarded with money prizes.


Administration of the city ICC also postponed the awarding ceremony until the festive day. Children aged 5 to 14 took part in the competition for best recitation of Juz Amma. The first place was won by a 13 years-old Ms.Tahmeen. The winner and runners-up were awarded with school bags and full set of necessary office supplies. Not only the prize-winners were awarded, but their mothers as well - for their input in encouraging their children to learn the Holy Book.


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