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Needy Large Families In Crimea Are Deprived Of Both Peace And Warmth

07.03.2014 / 904

Conflict in Crimea not only deprived all the inhabitants of the peninsula of undisturbed sleep, but also left poor people without warmth and material support.

Low-income large families in Crimea wait edgily for the crysis to be over, and at the same time — for warm clothes and blankets, collected by the AUASO “Alraid” within the framework of “Warm a Family” Project. Warehouse floor is the only thing that gets warmed up by the packs of warm clothing; purchasing the next party of warm blankets is delayed — just because so-called “self-defence forces of Crimea” don’t allow to either deliver the aid or to find new sponsors for the project.

It bears reminding that the Project initially covered buying warm blankets and sleeping gear for more than 100 needy families was launched last December. Embassies of Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan,  India, Vietnam and Japan took part in its first stage, having bought 26 sets of warm blankets and plaids for the funds they raised at the Festival of Asian Culture, held in mid-October.

The Association collected moderate donations among the parishioners of Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre mosque, and rounded up this quantity to 30 sets. All these things were delivered to Crimea and successfully distributed among the needy large families.

Ever since then, the situation in the country deprived “Alraid” of a possibility to raise new funds, and exacerbation of the Crimean events put the very rest of the project at risk.

We, the AUASO “Alraid” team, however, pledge everyone that the project implementation will be renewed at the earliest opportunity. We also hope that the situation improves soon, so that we’ll be able to collect the lacking money fast enough in order to let the poor people warm themselves until this cold season is over.

We pray for peace and security of all the inhabitants of our country.God help us!


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