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Human Rights NGO “Together With the Law” Won’t Give Swindlers Any Chance to Cash In on Students

27.06.2013 / 788

Human Rights NGO “Together With the Law” offers free legal advice both for students whose rights were violated and applicants planning to get education in Ukraine, providing them with list of necessary documents and information about students application procedures. They also offer help for Syrian students in Ukraine who can’t return to their Homeland due to the ongoing war conflict there, and face the problem of prolonging their residence permits in Ukraine until the war is terminated.

Legal advice is provided both in person (at address Kyiv city, 25a Dehtyarivs’ka Str.) and in remote (hotline No: +38(093) 544-64-84, e-mail:

The NGO is open for applications regardless of the client’s nationality and ethnic origin. Moreover, one can get some legal advice regarding Ukrainian Legislation even when abroad.

Hunting for Students’ Money

A person seeking education abroad is a sitting duck for all sorts of swindlers. They also are at risk of getting into trouble caused by ignorance in paper-laden processes, Ukrainian Legislation and human rights protection mechanisms. Yet Ukrainian students also have similar problems when going to study away from their home city.

International students are at high risk as early as the application stage. It’s much easier for swindlers to fool a foreigner by presenting themselves as authoritative mediators between the applicants and their desired Universities. They disappear immediately after receiving the foreigner’s money, and the unlucky student can’t reach such “mediator” either on the phone or Internet.

Problems with apartment rental and residential permits are common as well. International (and even non-resident) students are slice of the cake for frauds. The victims can meet a variety of consequences, like demanding additional payments or, much worse, when the real owners show up and it appears that the apartment was leased out illegally by an unauthorized person who used fake documents. In such situation the students are forced to leave - and nobody returns their money, of course.

However, non-resident students don’t face the problem the international ones do: they are citizens of Ukraine and don’t need residential permits. If you’re an international student - it’s essential for you to have one.

Mind that some Universities don’t bother with helping their students get such permits, and young people are alone with their problem.

“Together With the Law” consultants offer assistance in receiving and prolonging residential permits as well as advice about prospects of getting postgraduate education or work permits in Ukraine.

You Can’t Send Young People Just Out of Universities to the Field of Civil War

Students from Syria face specific problem: how to prolong resident permits for those of them, who either completed their education or cannot continue their studies, because their war-stricken families aren’t able to pay for them any longer — until it’s safe to return to their homeland?

Sadly, many of those people have no one in their families survive in the bloodshed; there’s neither home nor relatives they can safely return to... You can’t send young people just out of the Universities to the field of Civil War!

Syrian students are welcome to approach “Together With the Law” Human Rights NGO - their consultants will do their best to help these people.


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