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AUASO “Alraid” Islamic Cultural Centres And Organisations Are Prepared For Ramadan

05.07.2013 / 830

AUASO “Alraid” Islamic Cultural Centres and organisations preparations for the coming Ramadan are in progress. They made and printed series of Ramadan Prayer Times Schedule Posters for different cities of Ukraine and launched free distribution of those posters both in Islamic Cultural Centres and via The Association Official Website.

During Ramadan the lectures and seminars on Islam, Muslim morals and the Prophets’ life stories along with the lessons of teh Holy Qur’an dramatic reading will be held  in the AUASO “Alraid” Islamic Cultural Centres and organisations as usual.

You can elaborate the schedule in the nearest Islamic Cultural Centre.

Online broadcast

During the whole month “Alraid” will maintain online broadcast of Friday khutbas, lectures and taraweeh prayers in different cities of Ukraine. This project was initiated in order to help the people who don’t have a mosque nearby fell involved.

Helping Orphans And Poor People

The traditional grocery baskets will be distributed among poor people and orphans in Crimea. This annual initiative is held in order to provide  muslims in need with food enough for the whole month and encourage them to fast. Besides, such deed is done according to underlying Islamic rule of brotherhood and team spirit.

The grocery baskets are delivered to those poor people who approached “Alraid” during the previous year, as well as orphans and those who get financial help from the Association. “Alraid” activists dial every family from this list directly before Ramadan to find out if there’s a need to deliver them a grocery basket.

Along with that, this year’s summer orphan pensions distribution also comes during Ramadan.


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