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International conference in Crimea: scientists from five countries discuss trends and prospects of geopolitical and religious processes

18.05.2013 / 1139

The International Conference “Trends and Prospects of Contemporary Geopolitical and Religious Processes: Theory and Practice” was held on the territory of Crimean peninsula (Ukraine). It was organized by the Ukrainian Ministry for Education and Sciences, Youth and Sports, the National Technical University (Sevastopol), the All-Ukrainian Association of Social Organizations “Alraid” and the Ukrainian-Arab Center for Scientific and Cultural Relations “Al-Kitab”.

In the opening day of the Conference, which was in Islamic Cultural Center of “Alraid” in Simferopol, issues of contemporary geopolitical and religious processes within the system of international relations were discussed by representatives from five countries of the Euro-Asian region: Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic and Azerbaijan. In the second day the Conference continued in Sevastopol.

“Communications with colleagues are always informative and useful”

The opening address and congratulations with the Conference opening was delivered Prof. Henrik Hoffman, director of the Institute for Religious Studies at the Jagiellonski University (Krakow, Poland); Prof. Krzysztof  Kosior, Maria Skłodowska-CurieUniversity (Poland); Dr. Mariya Rosenko, dean of the Sevastopol-based Affiliation of the European University (Ukraine); Dr. Nikolay Kuznetsov, a representative from the Institute for Social and Political Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS).

According to Mr. Robert Mobeli, a representative of the State University (Baku, Azerbaijan), “communications with colleagues are always informative and useful from whatever country they may come, because problems faced by the Muslim Community are similar everywhere”.

Scientists from five countries gathering under the same roof

At plenary and sectional meetings, reports were delivered by scientists and lecturers from the following Ukrainian HEEs: the Institute for World Economy and International Relations of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine, the National Technical University (Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine), Sevastopol Affiliation of the European University, V.I.Vernadsky Tavrichesky National University, I.Franko National University (Lviv, Ukraine), T.G.Shevchenko National University (Lugansk, Ukraine), and the Crimean Institute of Law at the National University “Ya. Mudry Ukrainian Academy of Law”. Reports were delivered by scientists from foreign scientific and education institutions: Sevastopol-based Affiliation of the Moscow M.V.Lomonosov State University (Russia), Kubansky State University (Russia), the North Caucasian Federal University (Russia), the State University (Baku, Azerbaijan), the University of Pardubice (Czech Republic), Jagiellonski University (Krakow, Poland), Maria Skłodowska-CurieUniversity (Poland) etc.

Dr. Alexandr Chemshit, professor of the Sevastopol National Technical University, greeted the audience and wished them good work and further cooperation. 


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