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«And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah, and be not divided among yourselv» (Quran, 3:103)

Contest on Koran: a means for self-discipline for Muslim women from Simferopol

13.05.2013 / 1556

Female visitors of Saturday school at the Islamic Cultural Center of “Alraid” in Simferopol could put themselves to test at Koran contest for women, held on May 11, 2013. The participants were eleven, and several other Muslim women could not take control over emotions and dropped out before its start.

Competitors took part in the three nominations: the first nomination was for competencies in Surah “The Mercy Giving” (55), the second one – in Surah “The Sovereignty” (67), and the third one – in Surah “The Tidings” (78). Each of the participants was passionately supported by the fan group.

The jury was nicely surprised with responsibility, insistency and patience of these mature women who had to memorize and repeat the ayahs of the Holy Book, and learn their fine and expressive recitation, in order to demonstrate their skills at the contest.

In fact, the women’s striving was not confined to prizewinning only, as they were seeking for pleasure of the Most High, and the contest was merely a good chance and a means for self-discipline, allowing them to memorize a new surah by the fixed date.

Prizewinners were designated by summing it up. The winner in the first nomination (Surah “The Mercy Giving”) was Mrs. Muniver Hatipova (prize of 1000 grn.), the second place was taken by Mrs. Leila Sufiyanova (prize of 600 grn.), and the third place was taken by Mrs. Fevziye Abibullayeva (prize of 400 grn.). The winner in the second nomination (Surah “The Sovereignty”) was Mrs. Asiye Kasarova (prize of 600 grn.), and Surah “The Tidings” was recited best by Mrs. Mumine Ibrahimova (prize of 400 grn.).


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