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«And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah, and be not divided among yourselv» (Quran, 3:103)

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05.06.2020 / 6

While delivering the grocery relief packs to the large Muslim families of the Kherson region, Mr.Hamza Issa, the Director of Zaporizhzhia Islamic Cultural Centre “Vira” was thinking that providing those people with the autonomous source of milk (and, in the long run, with some meat) would be far more effective. Those families would be unable to escape the poverty trap unless they get some seed capital, and for large families, saving that money is even harder: there’s always unpredicted spending on one of the kids.

“We better give each of those families a milk goat - better than making them wait for another round of grocery relief kits,” decided Mr.Issa and made it his personal trouble to find healthy milk goats with goatlings. Unfortunately, the funds weren’t unlimited, so they decided to start with the three families in the greatest need. Two of them live in Rykove, and one in Novooleksiivka.

The animals were delivered to their new owners by Mr.Isa himself, accompanied by Mr.Vitalii Overko, an Imam from Kamianske. Such a present will both provide dairy products for the family’s table and be a prospective source of some additional income if they have something left for sale.

Of course, it’s unlikely to find the necessary costs so that each needy family received a goat at once, but they’ve put a start to that good cause, and on 30 may the three needy large families received their milk goats and goatlings. The first milk yield was used to treat the guests, in gratitude.

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