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17.07.2017 / 440

So you’ve been tracking the news on Gymnasium “Our Future” on our website for several years so far, and dreaming of “having something like that in Kharkiv as well”? Done! We’ve opened a branch Gymnasium in Kharkiv, so take your chance and sign up!

Besides the Gymnasium standard advantages (high professionalism of the teachers, small classes, each child is interviewed, halal meals, lessons of Qur’an, Islamic ethics and Arabic), we have some more: a separate building surrounded by a green lawn, with plenty of space to play in the fresh air. We have a gym, a large canteen, and even a small mosque on the first floor. The school is situated near “Sportyvna” metro station, in a 5-minutes walking distance from “Metalist” Stadium.

For any additional information, as well as signing up for an interview, please call +38 050 986 90 93 (Monday-Friday, 10 AM - 6 PM).

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