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12.04.2017 / 1742

Activists of Voluntary Movement Mariam and volunteers from Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre along with their friends (doctors and nurses from VERUM Clinic and many others) have once again visited pupils from Foster home in Korostyshiv and Baby Orphanage from Novohrad-Volyns’kyi (Zhytomyr Region). Along with the adults, their children also joined, which was very important, for the pupils of the foster home should not be limited in their communication only within the borders of that children’s institution.

The guests not only brought everything necessary according to the lists approved by both Administrations (including medical supplies, fruit, dried fruit, grits, sunflower oil, and household chemicals like laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, cleaning and beauty products; along with clothing and footwear, pans, disinfectants, toys, craft materials, books, diesel oil and gas for grass-mowers and other equipment), but also held master-classes, presentations, games, sweet buffet and great mood.

By the way, pupils from the Foster Home also made a pleasant surprize: they exposed self-made welcoming banner with logo of Voluntary Movement Mariam on it right near the entrance.

Azeez the cook taught the children how to cook manty (oriental meat-stuffed dumplings), Alina and Muhammad showed how to make cupcakes and decorate them; hairstylist Anna braided the girls’ hair and cut the boys’ hair; Antonina and her friends demonstrated interesting scientific experiments; Victoria held a master-class in crafts; and young Muslim men went to play football with the older pupils.

A visit by Zhytomyr Region Patrol Police officers only added to vivid impressions as they told the kids about the basics of personal safety and about their job.

Both kids and adults really enjoyed that interesting day!

Voluntary Movement Mariam would like to thank everyone who helped buy everything necessary and make that visit come true. Full financial report can be found by this link.

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