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«And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah, and be not divided among yourselv» (Quran, 3:103)

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01.05.2015 / 929

A charity fair was held at Gymnasium “Our Future”, where pupils of lower grades offered their drawings, handmade and cooking (the last point done with the help of adults). All the money they collected will be given for charity, to help the children resettled from teh ATO zomne.

There was a large congregation of people in the yard of kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre on Friday, April 24. Handmade, drawings and a variety of bakery (cakes, pies, etc.) were persented for the parisioners of the local mosque, staff and parents.Little artists and chefs exuded pure joy every time they sold something, as all the items were made with sincere wish to help others.

According to Ms.Vira Fryndak, Headmistress of Gymnasium, this charity fair pulled the pupils together in an attempt to help the children from the ATO zone: “Even our smallest first-grades express compassion and will to help other children who suffered from the military action, and they demonstrate unexpected depths of understanding the importance of peace,” — she says.

Ms.Natalya Petrovych, a teacher, noted that all the children acceded to the idea: “They know that this money is meant for charity, and made all the handmate items with their own little hands. They prepared for this fair for the whole week, and look how they advertize their goods and care that not a single cookie is left unclaimed!”

Ms.Lyudmila, grandmother of Ms.Sofia Talaat, noted that she can see on her granddaughter’s example that the Gymnasium teaches patriotism and compassion as well, and said that it was a wonderfull idea to facilitate such a fair: “Not only the kids are happy — their relatives enjoy the whole thing as well. It’s really important that the kids tried to make something on their own to support those in need. They were explained intelligibly how this money is to be spent, and they vere so inspired by this initiative that spent all their free time drawing, moulding, helping their mothers to bake — with great eagerness to share something with other children...”

“Such benefits, no doubt, engraft kindness, mercy and compassion since early childhood,” — the grandmother summarizes.

Mr.Hussam Issa, an AUASO “Alraid” employee and one of the most active buyers, agreed to share his impressions: “It’s indeed a bright and summy day today! And the children learn how to be kind to others, knowing their efforts lead to receiving a reward they can share with others, and it’s really motivating and inspiring for them. I bought a lot af pastries from the girls and a painting, a clay vase and an application from the boys. I think this is a very important initiative: the child may be inable to understand the full meaning of ATO, however, they think how to sell their handmade and help children resettled from the ATO zone. This helps balanced growth of their personalities as full-scale members of the society.”

Mr.Issa thinks that parents have to do their best to raise their child in the spirit of social activism, understanding the need to be invoilved in social life and solving social problems, having patriotic feelings and understanding their role in developing Ukraine.

“I was happy to participate, as I wanted to help,” — Ms.Asma Damadanova, a third-year schoolgirl, noted. And her froiend, Ms.Sofia Talaat, said that she made two paintings and cellphone folders for the fair, and also assisted her auntie in making eclairs, and is now awaiting for another fair already: “I really enjoyed it; it’s not that hard to help someone!”

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