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20.03.2015 / 792

Pupils of gymnasium “Our Future” leave for their spring holidays with the best memories about the past school quarter: 15 children aged 7 to 10 (2nd and 4th year) accompanied by two teachers attended the Museum of common science and technics, where they could fully realize some peculiarities of the world known as laws of Physics and Chemistry. Now they are looking forward to learn everything they’ve seen at school.

After a small discussion, the kids picked the “Chemical Agents Show”, where they could not only see some simple and safe chemical reactions, but make some on their own. That was an interesting experience: mixing chemical agents which led to changing color of the liquid in the retort, and also creating a “smokescreen”.

Besides that, the children took a look at other corners of “Experimentarium”, where they were shown how tornado starts and explained the nature of “black holes”. Kids could effortlessly lift each other (and even the teachers!) with a counterbalance system, and show their high reaction rate in a game of skill.

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