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22.09.2014 / 1176

A ceremonial opening of the “An-Noor” Sunday School of Arabic was held at the capital’s Islamic Cultural Centre on Sunday morning. They spoke of benefits of knowing Arabic for those who still finds this language exotuc, and awarted the top students of the previous semester, who, along with the graduates invited as the special guests, demonstrated  that anyone can master literary Arabic if they put enough effort in the process.

200 students are to be taught at the school this autumn; 130 of them are freshmen. Deputy director Mr.Tariq Sarhan, however, promised the first year students that they would be able to amuse relatives and friends with the skills of reading Arabic superscriptions and having necessary vocabulary for everyday situations in the nearest future.

The study process lasts for 3 years, which includes 6 semesters. Lessons are held weekly; successful completion of exam in the end of the term is a must for starting the next level.

Besides, new comfortable classes were a pleasant surprise for the students; the Sunday School is merged into Gymnasium “Our Future” which started its work this autumn.

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